Let's Be Inappropriate


10 reasons why Olitz will never be over:

1. Really?? Truly?? Olake saunters off 2 happy merry land? & Mellitz rides off into the sunset on Fitz’s presidential podium?….wow what a show!
2. Their superpowers are both irresistible & self-defeating…it only takes one look, one touch for OP’s resolve to dissolve
3. Daddy dearest surely is not here just, much as we love it, to put Jake in a box
4. Hello! the affair is out so all that OP “I love you but I need to save you from yourself” BS is pretty much a non-factor
5. Scandal’s now tantamount to smoldering, hot, palpable passion thanks to Terry. SR would be silly to completely do away with the very thing that captivated viewers (and hello exhibit 1,2,3,4 above who else can bring it like Terry?)
6. OP said it herself she wants painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing extraordinary love so walking away is her way of ensuring she gets what she wants (silly girl needs therapy!)
7. Hello people! he’s the POTUS and she’s a fixer! Like people are so distraught over their break-up but these are not normal people….*ahem* Mer & Der…their every action is scrutinized by media, pundits, employees etc etc….so yes sometimes they have to cool things off….and heat it up again in electrical closets….I’m here for all that tension still. (Have you noticed that once couples are married on TV the sizzle just seems to fade away…and we get boring in bed, covered sheets sex scenes….NOPE, not here for that!
Although with Olitz any kind of interaction is hot so….???)
8. Um Tony is not here for that BS!
9. And on that note neither is Kerry “she’ll tell you the same thing” ding ding ding ding ding
10. Additionally neither is Shonda…from the horses mouth “Olitz is endgame…central relationship of the show” plus the fact that anyone with half a brain is rooting for them! Oprah included!!!!!

So just sit tight and ride babies. Roller-coaster is not broken. It’s functional not ornamental:):):):)